Welcome to the global community of positive, inspired people


Be a part of the I Choose Happiness global movement.

I Choose Happiness is not just a catchy phrase, it’s a movement.

People are coming together everywhere as part of a global, collective consciousness shift toward good. The purpose of the I Choose Happiness movement is to facilitate and harness this positive energy shift by helping people make the deliberate choice to be and stay happy. Our goal is to manifest good in the world wherever I Choose Happiness people live, work and play.

We do this in four ways:

  • Bringing people together at I Choose Happiness events, seminars, conferences and life coach trainings. Check out the events section tab for more information.
  • Serving as a focus point for the creative energy in the I Choose Happiness movement. We point people to books and material from many authors on the subject of choosing and maintaining happiness. We also offer the official I Choose Happiness t-shirt sold to support the growing movement. More fun, cool I Choose Happiness stuff gets added from time to time.  Visit our store.
  • Connecting positively inspired people around the world here at our website www.ichoosehappiness.com; our fan page https://www.facebook.com/ichoosehappinesspage?ref=hl and Twitter account https://twitter.com/IChooseHappines. Get connected by clicking on the links.
  •   Helping businesses, non-profits, people and causes with our positive, practical and progressive communications approach through our I Choose Happiness Public Relations company. Click our PR services tab to get your company started.

Get involved today in the way that works best for you. Join the movement and be an important part of the global, collective consciousness shift toward good. You’ll be glad you did.

Positive, practical and progressive public, media and government relations services

I Choose Happiness is the only public relations firm that is part of a global movement of over 20,000 people getting and staying on the positive vibe. The company was founded to support the idea that we can do more than engage in the pursuit of happiness – we can decide to choose happiness now, in this moment. This allows people and their companies to live their lives on purpose instead of at the whim of circumstance.

We bring this same empowering attitude to bussinesses, political organizations, politicians, non-profits and other organizations by engaging in positive, practical and progressive public relations on their behalf. I Choose Happiness, the company, is a nexus of positive energy where public relations, business and social service meets.


We know every situation generates a new set of POSITIVE possibilities. That kind of optimism allows us to take the drudgery out and put the fun back into work.

Our account executives are called positive change agents.

Our clients are referred to as our partners in good.

Our public relations firm is powered by an unlimited source of positive energy and optimism. Every day nearly 20,000 people from around the world share inspirations, ideas and support via our Facebook fan page and Twitter.

We take that energy with us and use it for you, our partner in good.

So don’t just hire another PR company. Work with us and join a movement. You’ll be glad you did.